Who We Are

The Open Oracle Origami Foundation (OOO) aka Crease Labs

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that building and deploying a blockchain oracle should not be overly complex or monopolized. We firmly adhere to the foundational principles of Web3, which emphasize decentralization and transparency. In doing so, we aim to level the playing field, ensuring that access to cutting-edge oracle technology is available to all, regardless of their background or resources.

As an anonymous and dedicated team of builders, we seek to create a more promising future for blockchain and Web3. Our commitment goes beyond mere dreams; instead, we've taken tangible steps to deliver an open oracle for the world.

As part of our mission to foster the growth of a thriving decentralized ecosystem, we plan to launch multiple public good data feeds on various blockchains. These data feeds will be made accessible as public goods, meaning they will be freely available for anyone to use and benefit from. By providing valuable and reliable data feeds, we aim to contribute to the broader blockchain community, empowering developers and users alike.

Through our commitment to openness and the spirit of public good, we strive to be a driving force in shaping a more equitable and interconnected future for blockchain and Web3. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a decentralized landscape where innovation and collaboration flourish, transcending barriers and propelling Web3 technology to new heights.

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