Demand Drivers

Community: is incentivized by governance rights over the protocol and rewards in terms of $stORI, MPs, and sharing protocol fees (30%) if staked token. The protocol’s referral program drives adoption by incentivizing new users’ onboarding and generating discounts for the referral code owner.

Curators and LIPs: are encouraged to supply collateral (i.e., mint $GAMI) to increase $GAMI pool size by receiving $stORI and participating in a consistent percentage (70%) of the protocol fees.

Subscribers: are subsidized heavily (70%) by the validator rewards as long as they contribute as LIPs in order to receive their Visitor passes.

OOO also has a built in Floor Price Fund that helps ensure liquidity in the $GAMI pool and provides a reliable stream of LSD rewards for $ORI stakers. As the floor price fund increases, it could be used to buy back and burn $ORI if the Floor Price Fund/Total $ORI supply < Market price of $ORI. Such a mechanism would set a minimum floor price for $ORI in terms of the LSD and $GAMI.

Staking: Networks customize their own gas fees and charge in their native token.

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